8 Ideas For Technology

A beautiful layout and intuitive navigation should the starting point of an architect’s website. But this is where most architects stop. So what comes next? There are many options, but all involve providing user-centric content. That means if you market to dentists, you provide a white-paper on how dentists can increase throughput with a good office layout. If you do residential remodels, you provide an online calculator to estimate building budget – the sky is the limit! You get my drift.

And my pick for today is: Modative, a great modern design firm from SoCal. Check out their “Resources” page or look halfway down the home page. They offer a “Small Lot Subdivision Guide”, “Free Planning Report”, and an “Architecture Process Guide”. And their strategy is working. But don’t take my word for it. Click here to read how they saw a 6x increase in leads and traffic.