Baby Shower Theme – This Is About Babies Right

Baby Shower Theme – This Is About Babies Right

What sort of ideas are you seeking for your baby shower theme, well of course we all know that – ideas that will reflect what the whole occasion is about and remain in the guest`s memories for a long time to come.

Not all baby showers have a theme and this could be because of a number of reasons like a restricted budget or that the host or mother-to-be has other ideas for the celebration.

If your event to celebrate the new baby on the way is going to involve a baby theme then decorate accordingly – for example if Winnie the Pooh is your preference then cute little cuddly bears can be placed around the room. Honey pots with personalized engravings can be donated as your thank you gift favors.
While on the subject of bears we have to remember that these have always held a preferential place over any other item given to a baby as their first toy. Teddy bear themes will always encourage an atmosphere of baby`s presence whether the infant is born or not

New born babies are sleepers so this maybe the reason why the night sky glittered with stars are so poplar for a baby topic. Decorations for this type of atmosphere are simple – silver stars cut from tin foil and other evening sky object shapes will prove to be very cost effective for this look. Be careful when putting this theme in to action as it may entail climbing a ladder to reach the ceiling. Hang coloured streamers and angelic cherub cut outs.

Baby and kiddie fairy tale books strewn around the room can add colour as well as gain interest from your guests in occupying themselves while waiting for the food to be served up. These books can be given as your thank you gift favors. The books will be warmly accepted because there is a possibility that the guest never got to finish the story they started reading before filling their bellies – so to cut a long story short (excuse the pun) they get to read the ending.

Fairies, elves and fairytale characters are fabulous ornamentation figurines to place on the table of edibles even the edibles can be shaped in the form of different baby icons. Baby theme ideas are endless.

If you have other children bring them in on the planning of the theme for your baby shower party. Kiddies have wonderful ideas – their imaginations just run wild so consider any suggestions that they have. The worst case scenario that could happen here by listening to the child is – the guest may not be impressed but the babies that are already here will be. (This is about babies right)