Glassware Can Turn Any Ocassion Into A Sophisticated Affair!

Glassware Can Turn Any Ocassion Into A Sophisticated Affair!

Glassware is excellent as tableware or for ornamental purposes that occupies every part of our life.

Different glassware is made of different kinds of glass, depending on the cost and need. Glassware is available in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and decorations. Plain or decorated, clear or colored, formal or informal, all glassware has the same basic purpose, to hold liquid for drinking.

Importance Of Glassware :
From the breakfast table to a full on dinner party, glassware plays an important part in our everyday life. Throughout its long history, glassware has evolved into specific shapes according to the type of liquid it holds, whether it is water or a hot beverage.

Types And Uses Of Glassware :

Glassware includes:
Drink ware
beverage ware
If you’re confused about glassware, the overview provided below will help you understand the different Types of glassware available and what each is used for.

Beverage Ware
Water glasses: are used daily
Juice glasses: these glasses are usually smaller than water glasses, and come in a variety of attractive shapes and colors.

Apart from this, glass is also used in making flower vases, glass containers, art glass, and art marbles, all in exclusive designs, colors and varieties.

Advantages Of Glassware
Taking into account the specific advantages of glassware, glasses can be used for any purpose.

Glass has a very good chemical resistance against water, saline solutions (salted solutions), acids, alkalis and organic solvents, and exceeds most plastics in this regard.
Glass has dimensional stability even at elevated temperatures, and has a high transparency.

Glassware is safe to use, as it does not emit any acidic solutions like other utensils can, which would be harmful to your health.
Glassware gives a beautiful and distinct look to your tableware.
Glass when used in making art marble and flower vases, provides a royal and completely different look to your interior decor.

Cautions To Be Taken When Handling Glassware

Glassware can be easily broken with improper handling, as glass breaks into very minute particles which will be very sharp and can cause severe wounds.
Never pour any hot substance into glassware, because the glass may easily crack.
Never place any heavy objects on the glassware.
Glassware may easily break when exposed to sudden changes in temperature.
Never place any closed glassware (filled bottles) into the freezer because some times the glass may break.
Never wash delicate glassware in the dishwasher that may damage the glass.

Shapes And Sizes Of Glassware
Glassware is available in various shapes and size like,

– Tulip shaped: this is a most unusual and attractive shape given for beverage glasses.
– Triangular shaped:
– Round shape: this is a regular shape.
– Square shape: this is also a usual shape.
– Taller glasses: more attractive and are narrow in size.
– Short glasses: very short