It’s All About Bomboniere

It’s All About Bomboniere

Your wedding reception should be the party of your life and when planning it, every effort should be made in order to ensure that’s what you get. Table decorations, floral arrangements, venue, entertainment and bomboniere are key to a successful wedding reception.

When it comes to the venue, it needs to suit the theme of your wedding. For example, if your bridal gown were princess-like, a castle would be suitable. Alternatively, you may have a simple floor length shift-shape dress and to be in keeping with your look, the venue may be a modern riverside restaurant. Whichever theme you choose, even the smallest detail must be meticulously well planned and this includes your choice of bomboniere.

Originally, brides were supposed to make up favours or bomboniere by hand, but in the busy lives we now lead, this is near on impossible. Bomboniere consist of round shaped coloured nets tied together with co-ordinating ribbons and finished with dried flowers or beads. These pretty nets are filled with a dish of delicious dragees [tear-shaped sugar coated chocolates in various colours] or sumptuous almonds [sugar coated tear-shaped nuts available in a range of colours].

Each dragee or almond is said to represent one of the five common wedding wishes; fertility, health, happiness, longevity and wealth. By giving them to your guests, the bride and groom are said to have a marriage filled with all these things. Nowadays of course, many brides are turning away from traditional almond or dragee bomboniere and are choosing more modern ways to thank their guests. Although there are a huge range of inedible favours such as candle favours, flower seed wedding favours and ornament wedding favours, there is nothing more beautiful than leaving a wedding reception with a hand-tied net pouch filled with almonds or dragees. Despite popular belief, the traditional bomboniere can still be very much a part of a modern wedding. There are so many options when it comes to bomboniere, that the world is quite literally your oyster.

For example, natural colour theme weddings are very much en vogue with brides choosing simple, clean cut dresses for themselves and taupe, pale green or ivory 50’s style dresses for their bridesmaids. Floral arrangements reflect the simplicity of the wedding as brides opt for small hand-tied white bouquets or a drape of plain orchids across their arms. Traditional bomboniere can fit beautifully in these more retro occasions as brides can select ivory or white nets, fill them with white almonds and finish them with a pale green bow. Alternatively, ecru coloured nets can be complemented with ivory or gold dragees and finished off with co-ordinating ribbons or flowers.

So, whatever your wedding venue, dress or bouquet, there is a bomboniere to suit all occasions. Your choice of bomboniere should reflect your theme and personality and with such a vast range of nets, almonds, dragees, colours, flowers and ribbons, no two bomboniere need be the same!