Let The Kids Make Their Own Birthday Cake

Let The Kids Make Their Own Birthday Cake

Children’s parties can take so much to organize. Try this time saving idea and create an original cake.

It’s birthday time. And it is time for you to arrange your child’s birthday party.

There is so much to think about and do.

Firstly you need to find some invitations and write on them. This is after arguing about how many can come and who to invite.

You will need to come up with a menu of food and then either buy it or make it.

There are the decorations. Balloons, streamers, table cloth, banners……

The party favors for all the guest to take home. Some food for the parents that stay. A party outfit for your child, something for you.

Argh! Does it ever stop.

And then, of course is the cake. Oh my – the CAKE.

What to do? Well by this stage there is no budget left (that blew out at the invitation stage).

Do you make something?

You could.

But of course your child wants a cake that looks like a dalmatian puppy/palomino pony/tyrannosaurus/a transformer – that transforms/harry potter/hogwarts. (What ever happened to Humpty Dumpty?)

Too hard, too tiring and not enough time.

OK. Lets try something novel.

Why not make (or buy) enough cupcakes for each child to have one. Cover with plain frosting.

And then…

Let the Children decorate.

All you need do is to set out an array of candies, sprinkles and chocolates. And let each child decorate their own cupcake.

For smaller children just let them decorate which ever way they like.

But for older children, maybe you could set a theme. You could even go as far as to award prizes. Though, I do suggest enough prizes for each child. They could be awarded for the best use of candy, the most original, for thinking outside the square, most life like etc etc.

This not only solves the cake issue but keeps them occupied for ages.

And to cherish the moment, why not take a photo of each child’s completed cake.

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