Mary Kay And Generations Of Makeup

Mary Kay And Generations Of Makeup

If you are interested in Mary Kay and generations of makeup parties, you can make quite a bit of money to supplement your income or do it as a full-time business. You may have been invited to one of these parties by one of your friends or family members already and just need a little more information to get started.

Some questions you may have about starting your own business may include: How much money will you need to get started? What supplies do you need to make your parties successful? And what kind of training do you get?

To get a good idea of what you will get and what is expected of a consultant, you might just want to host a party or two to see what the consultant does and is responsible for.

Skin care parties can be hosted for many different reasons including girls’ night out, baby showers, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties. Or, you could include a wine and cheese tasting to make things a little more interesting.

The best way to begin is to call a consultant and tell her you are interested in hosting a party at your house. Ask how long the party will last and what is expected of you. She will explain everything to you and might even want to meet you in person before the date of the party arrives.

Ask if you should serve appetizers. Appetizers are a great idea if the party is going to last between two and three hours. Things like cheeses and crackers, or vegetables and dip, or a fresh fruit platter will do nicely. Don’t forget to have plenty of beverages and throw away plates, napkins, and utensils on hand as well.

Set up one table in the room where the demonstration will take place, and another close by for refreshments.

Decorations are not necessary unless you are planning the demonstration around one of the party themes listed earlier. Then just base the decorations on the theme of the party.

Invitations can be as simple as sending an email to all of your friends and family members or doing it the old-fashioned way and hand-writing invitation cards and mailing them out.

Invitations should include necessary details such as date, time, location, and RSVP telephone number. Include any other relevant details such as attire, what to bring, and special requests.

Usually, a demonstration includes cleansing the face, moisturizing, and then applying make up. Ask if there will be more involved things like manicures and/or pedicures and what you will need if these types of demonstrations are included.

The consultant should provide all of the skin care products needed for the number of people at the party, so make sure you have a correct count of your guests.

When the consultant arrives, give her some time and let her get set up on the table for the demonstration. Make sure there is room for the Mary Kay and generations of makeup catalog, products that will be featured, samples, and any instruction manuals she has brought along, not to mention room for your guests.