Picnic theme

Picnic theme

My sister turned 25 years old this year. I wanted to throw her a party but was incredibly limited on finances. I tried to find some inexpensive places to have a party but didn’t have very much luck. My apartment was not big enough to accommodate all of the guests and my parents’ house and yard was small as well. I found a pavilion at a local park that the township gave me permission to utilize. I was allowed to decorate it and it would be suitable no matter what the weather would be. A picnic theme would be a lot of fun. In deciding on a picnic theme, I could ask guests if they could all bring something with them. If people all contributed something, I would not have to go into debt to throw her a celebration.

My parents agreed to supply the burgers, hot dogs and drinks. I would be in charge of decorations, invitations and organizing. I sent out the invitations letting everyone know it was a picnic theme and requested everyone to bring a covered dish or dessert. I asked everyone to respond to me via telephone and let me know what they would be bringing. That way, I would know if there were any duplicates and adjust accordingly. The overall response that I received to the picnic theme idea was positive. We didn’t seem to have too many duplicates of covered dishes and to those who chose something that was already picked, they seemed to easily pick something else. Almost everyone responded that they would be coming. I was confident that the picnic theme was the right choice for her birthday celebration.

I had no problems whatsoever picking out decorations for a picnic theme. I wanted something very traditional but with a birthday twist. I picked out plaid tablecloths and red and white plates and napkins. I figured that a picnic theme should have picnic baskets so I hit some consignment shops in search for some. I managed to find enough of picnic baskets to have some on each table. I tied balloons to each other baskets and filled each one with things that had to do with the picnic theme or birthday items. In some, I put the napkins and utensils. In others, I placed gifts and decorations. My sister’s best friend got several bottles of wine for the party, so we put some wine in various baskets. Wine goes very well with a picnic theme and my sister would love it.

The day of my sister’s party, she was delighted that we chose a picnic theme. She’s a very down-to-earth person and loves parks and the outdoors. To see all of her friends and family together for her birthday was thrilling for her. Though the picnic theme has been done many times over in the party world, it turned out wonderfully for her. Everyone had a great time and we all were able to afford the celebration. If you’re looking for a simple but fun party idea, what not try a picnic theme. It could turn out to be a blast.