Princess Barbie

Princess Barbie

One of the reasons why Barbie has been so popular for more than 50 years is the many hats she wears. One of them is the role of princess and that is a common fantasy for many young girls. They want to be a princess and they love to play with Barbie so the fit well together. You will find plenty of ways in which they have marketed this aspect of Barbie. It has resulted in a high volume of revenue for the company as well.

You will find different versions of the Barbie doll where she is a princess. She has on a long dress and a crown. This is a very popular birthday item as well so that the guest of honor can be like a princess. There are plenty of Barbie princess party decorations to choose from so this is a great way to keep the theme consistent. You will even find many bakeries offer Princess Barbie cakes.

There are some Princess Barbie movies on video as well that you can buy. You don’t want to just rent them as your daughter will want to watch them again and again. They can provide here with hours of entertainment. Most of them feature plenty of dancing and singing too which is part of why they are so appealing.

There are also posters and even wall decals of Princess Barbie. This is a great way to help your daughter to personalize the look of her room. They are quite affordable and you can remove them later on when she outgrows them. You should be able buy various Princess Barbie items at local retailers and party stores. You can also find the entire collection of them online.

Princess Barbie is just one more of the ways in which she is able to magically get into the heart of young girls. Many adults like this version of Barbie as well. They collect the Princess Barbie items instead of playing with them though. The cost of such items will vary depending on what you buy and where you get it. Most of the Barbie Princess items have only been around in the past few years though so they aren’t expensive collectibles to get your hands on yet.