Steps To Organizing A First Birthday

Steps To Organizing A First Birthday

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by. It seems as if it was only yesterday that you were bringing your baby home. But, you are now on a mission to give your little man or your sweet princess a very special first birthday party. At this age, children love things like color and noise. Remember that this birthday party is not one they will remember but one you will. With that here are some steps to consider.

• First pick the date, time and location. Determine about how many people (adults versus kids) will be there and an appropriate location for the party. At home is fine, outside is great. Larger venues work for lots of guests. Don’t pick nap time or right before as your baby is not going to be the star of the party for the right reasons here.

• Select invitations. Choose a theme that you enjoy too. Again, it’s more about what you like here.

• Send invitations out at least three weeks in advance, four if possible. Make sure to make a checklist so that you can count those that are coming and call on those that haven’t let you know.

• Décor! Here is where you can do a lot of fun things with color, themes and decorations. Balloons (Make sure no one chokes!) paper plates, tablecloths and banners work well.

• Games. If you will have other children there, include some fun games. If not, consider a collage of pictures to entertain your guests with.

• Foods should be easy to prepare, handle and eat. For just a few guests a full scale meal would be okay. Don’t forget the cake.

• Pictures. One of the best things to do now is to take lots of pictures during your party. Plan to do this so that you have ample opportunity to share and for scrapbooking.

To make your child’s first birthday memorable, consider hiring a professional planner to do the work for you!