Stuck On Scrapbooking? Host A Party

Stuck On Scrapbooking? Host A Party

If you’re stuck on scrapbooking, you have lots of company. More than 26 million Americans are snipping, trimming and gluing along with you. And why not? Scrapbooking is a great way of preserving cherished moments for future generations-whether it’s that great family vacation to Hawaii, a best friend’s beautiful wedding or even your beloved pet.

Hosting a scrapbooking party is a new way to create lasting memories and offer a fun activity at your next get-together. Here are some easy ideas to get you started:

Scrapbooking Party Tips

Theme-Enthusiasts at Skinny Cow®, the low-fat ice cream treats, point out that the best parties are a lot sweeter when they have a theme or are thrown for a special occasion. You might want to give a friend a wedding or baby-shower-themed crop party and have each guest design one page for an album that you can give to the mother-to-be. Other great scrapbooking parties can be thrown to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and graduations.

Invitations-Make your invitations stand out by using your stellar scrapbooking ability to announce your party. Remind your friends to bring their own scrapbooking supplies, including their albums, scissors, trimmers, stickers, pens and other tools.

Atmosphere-Help your friends get into the scrapbooking state of mind by setting the scene with playful decorations. Provide sufficient room and good lighting for them to create their masterpieces. A little background music can also go a long way to set the mood for a memorable girls’ night in.

Games and Prizes-Motivate and energize your friends by playing games with fantastic prizes. You can give an award for the best page of the night. Another great activity involves “progressive layouts,” a game where each person works on the pages of the other guests one at a time for a timed period. In the end, each guest will have a memory-filled page that every other guest has worked on.

Favors-Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Give each guest a sticker pack, die cut or other scrapbooking item. To add another layer of sophistication, match your gift to the theme of your party. Your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Sweet Break-This is everyone’s favorite part of the party. Keep your friends coming back by offering a delicious treat, such as Skinny Cow low-fat ice cream treats. Set up an area away from your guests’ work space to serve the ice cream. Go the extra hostess mile and serve the ice cream sandwiches stacked in tiers like a layered cake so everyone can pick her favorite flavor.

Here’s a tasty idea for a cake you don’t have to bake.

The Skinny Cow

Cake Recipe

4 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich six-count multipacks*

Just before serving, assemble the ice cream sandwiches in four layers. Place nine sandwiches close together on the bottom layer; seven sandwiches on the second layer; five sandwiches on the third layer; and three sandwiches on the top layer. Mix the four different flavors within each layer for an eye-catching assortment. Makes 24 servings.

*Multipacks come in four crowd-pleasing flavors: vanilla, mint, strawberry shortcake and chocolate peanut butter.

For a sweet break, you can serve this tasty ice cream sandwich cake that you don’t have to bake.