The Perfect Birthday Party for your Little Princess

The Perfect Birthday Party for your Little Princess

A princess birthday party is what almost every little girl dreams of at some point in her childhood. Make your little princess’ dream a reality by planning the perfect princess party for her. There are so many things you can do with the princess theme that will be both fun and incredibly memorable. Regardless of what you decide to do be sure that there are plenty of cameras on hands for lots of fantastic pictures.

There are all kinds of great party games that can be played at a princess party and the best place to look for inspiration is your favorite childhood fairy tales. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey how about a rousing game of kiss the frog? Instead of running around with a tail to pin in a donkey your little princess and all of her princess friends can run around trying to pin a pair of puckered lips on the frog. It’s a fun variation on a traditional birthday party favorite.

For crafts you can have each party princess make her very own tiara to wear for the day’s festivities. It’s a lot of fun, it gets all the little girls together, quietly one hopes, in one spot and concentrating on a specific task. They will also have this great keepsake to bring home with them. You’ll want to be sure to get a photo of each princess wearing her tiara as another souvenir. You can also opt to craft a photo frame in the princess theme for each princess to make to hold her tiara photo and take home with her. Crafts are often quite inexpensive and are a lot of fun for the little princesses and their moms to work on together.

Keep the food down to finger food that is low mess and princess approved. Cake and ice cream are almost required but if the party is going to last for any length of time you might want to include ham and cheese rollups, finger sandwiches, a fruit and veggie tray, and a few cookies for a light lunch and a little nourishment for the parents that brave the onslaught of pink to come along. Don’t forget to have princess punch with your favorite red powdered drink, ginger ale (or lemon lime soda), and vanilla ice cream.

Of course no princess party is really complete with a bard telling tales. Have readings of favorite princess fairy tales and perhaps a viewing of a beloved fairy tale movie (such as Disney’s Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White). This provides a little more quiet time in which the princesses can settle down and the craft table can be cleaned up to prepare for the cake, ice cream, and presents later on.

Don’t forget to get great goodie bags for all the little princess guests. One of the best ideas I’ve found is a princess purse filled with little brushes, lip-gloss, and plastic jewelry make a great haul for the guests and are a lot of fun to put together.

Decorations should be rather simple, pink and lavender or green streamers are great for the theme and confetti followed with plates, cups, and napkins in a color that is appropriate for the party theme (if there is a specific princess being honored) are a great beginning and younger children really do not need much more decoration than that unless of course you have a princess that has a soft spot for balloons. In that case enough cannot be said about the importance of balloons.

All in all, creating a spectacular princess party for your little princess isn’t as difficult as one might think and can be done quite nicely even on a budget. The important thing is to have plenty of food and plenty of fun items and activities to keep your little princess and all of her princess friends busy from the beginning to the end of the party.